Civil Engineering In General

  • Geology & Geotechnical Mapping
  • Analysis of Risk Assessment for Landslides on Natural Slopes
  • Studies on Utilization of Natural Construction Materials
  • Studies, Programming and Analysis of Results of Geological and Geotechnical Laboratory and Field Investigations for Engineering Works
  • Technical & Economic Feasibility Studies
  • Studies of Alternative Solutions to Geotechnical Engineering
  • Field Performance Analysis through Geotechnical Instrumentation
  • Study of Soil and Rock Mass Behavior through Analytical and Numerical Methods
  • Geological and Geotechnical Investigations Related to Basic and Executive Projects, Feasibility Studies for Hydropower Plants
  • Safety Studies for Earth and Concrete Dams and its Adjacent Structures (Spillways, water intakes)
  • Cut-Fill Balancing Studies and Optimization of Earthwork Volumes using Computational Systems

Environmental Engineering

  • Environmental Diagnosis for Evaluation of Soil and Groundwater Contamination
  • Environmental Risk Assessment
  • Alternative Research Solutions for Rehabilitation of Polluted or Degraded Areas
  • Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), Environmental Impact Report (EIR)